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Under Eye Darkness


Dark circles are characterized by development of dark discoloration of the skin present under the eyes. Though not a serious illness, dark circles can make individuals developing them appear tired, unhealthy, exhausted and older than their age.

    Treatment at Angels:

  • At Angels, laser is used to effectively treat pimples.
  • The over activity of the sebaceous glands is controlled and advanced "Dermobrazing" technique is used to treat the marks and open pores caused due to pimples.
  • For effective results the treatment is combined with a tailor made diet that often yield brilliant results.
  • Wash your face at least 5-6 times per day.

The improvement is visible in as early as 3-4th sitting. The treatment is non-medical without any side or after effects.


There are numerous causes of dark circles, including genetics, advancing age, dry skin, allergies, excessive stress both mental and physical, lack of sleep and eating unhealthy diet. Some pimple and easy remedies can help effectively get rid of the unsightly under eye dark circles.


Through our advanced skin care therapy.

  • A mild, effective anti-aging eye treatment
  • We use imported inhibitors, hydrators, skin lighteners & gentle resurfacing lasers.
  • Helps nourish, shiny & safe guard your delicate eye area
  • Minimizes under-eye puffiness & illuminates under-eye dark circles

Reveals a more vibrant & younger looking eye area.