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Stem Cell Theraphy

It is a known fact that hair follicles also contain stem cells that can aid hair growth. These cells help in growing new follicles, thus new hair, when the stem cells come in contact with scalp’s stem cells they start dividing and multiplication and develop many thousands of stem cells under the scalp and helps in hairs re-growth.

While aging, the follicles tend to shrink and stop responding to the chemical signals given to it. This hinders the process of hair growth. The follicle stem cell sends off chemical signals to the shrunken follicles. This in turn helps in regenerating and growing healthy hair.

Stress and trendy lifestyles have resulted in a receding hairline and look old early with bald patches at a young age; these are complaints of now a day’s youth and a concern for many. We often see various celebrities, who earlier had very scanty hair go in for hair transplant surgeries and return with a full head of hair. But now available through the advanced technology of non surgical treatments, it’s now possible to re-grow your hair with good volume, absolutely no of sittings is required varies from client to client for the best results.

The new approach would actually increase the number of hair cells which able to produce hair. It leads to clinical success; the technique could benefit not only men in early stages of baldness, but also women with hair loss, who are mostly unable to use current transplant treatments because of insufficient donor hair.


Hair fall or hair loss does not spare age or gender. To be honest hair fall is a natural process of the body, but the problem arises when new hair fails to grow in its place. Hair loss is a common problem if you do not take care of it on time.

Temporary Diffuse Hair loss: It can be self corrected

Permanent Diffuse Hair loss: It requires treatment, negligence will lead to Baldness

ANGEL'S follows a holistic approach in dealing with the problems. The treatment here is an appropriate combination of combination of various stem cells. The treatment comprises of the following steps: Hair loss is categorized as Diffuse or local, temporary or permanent.

In temporary cases

Root stimulation, Improvement of blood circulation combined with diet corrections and daily hair care program me are recommended.

In permanent cases:

we introduce new and advanced range of treatment for Hair Fall, drew on a completely new source of inspiration an extraordinary Therapy.


Scanty hair is caused by improper care to the hair. We tend to take our body for granted and give it little or no attention at all. Scanty hair,

is often the result of too much stress, lack of rest and improper sleep also leads to hair fall. Before you start imagining yourself wearing a wig or hats which shifts or comes off at the slightest movement, relax and read on. Stem cells are also used to treat hair loss.


Hair growth using stem cells

In this process, we clean the scalp and introduce the required stem cells throughout the required scanty area.This stem cells goes into the scalp’s layer helps boosting each and every follicle and gives the required nourishment and stimulates the hair re-growth, This rejuvenates and repairs each hair follicle this arrests the hair fall and leaves thick volume hair and one can find gradual hair growth and new growth through cell multiplication.


How does it work?

All hair follicles contain stem cells but once these get old or damaged, they become incapable of regenerating the hair growth process. Once the activated stem cells have been injected in the scalp, molecular signals can be sent to the follicle which in turn results in hair growth. The process is safe and natural and clinical results have proven that the hair growth is also permanent.

Is it expensive?

This is a non-surgical method and is cheaper than surgery; after once the hair starts growing, maintain your hair with proper care and nourishment that is all you need to do in this fantastic nonsurgical stem cell therapy.