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Scar forms when tissue of the skin gets separated forcibly or accidentally. It may be with small thorn or any mark, left on the face or body for some time. The normal healing process in human tissue results in a scar.

Since scars are part of the normal healing process, ordinary scars are not treated. Only scars that are likely to become cosmetically undesirable are considered treatable.

We even have surgical method, can also do scar revision but only available at our surgical centre. Certain types of facial scarring respond well from laser treatments.

Occasionally, surgical revision of scars can result in a different scar that is much more desirable. Since it takes about a year for scars to mature, it is frequently prudent to wait before starting any invasive treatment.

So scars can be treated effectively in Non Surgical procedure.


Thick scars can be flattened by derma brasion, which utilizes abrasive devices to sand down elevated scars.

Certain types of depressed scars can be lightened through meso therapy, are done based on the clients severity.

We use enzymes to lighten the scar and we also use derma rollers and fuller formulated treatment to improve the collagen and give incomparable results.