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Melanin is equally distributed in the body so the entire skin color is even. But due to some side effects of some medicines or bodily changes in a few people especially on the sun exposed areas we notice over production of melanin, especially on cheeks, fore head, nose, and chin is called pigmentation. It appears in Black/Brown Patches.


Over Activation of melanin pigment of the skin.


  • Medication
  • Hereditary
  • During pregnancy


This is treated by combo therapies BIO PEEL, DERMO BRAZING, LASER or MESO THERAPY

Bio laser: The bio laser is an effective solution in most cases of pigmentation. This unique laser acts not only safe on the skin and its associated structures. But at the same time it acts effectively on the pigmented areas thereby lightening and finally eliminating them.

Meso therapy:

We introduce the Vitamin C and Active solutions directly into the skin layers. These agents act in deeper layers, controls the over production of melanin and lighten the pigmentation blackness and make them lighter.